The Perfect Cell Phone Accessory

Blinged Handsets | BlingBlingEmporio.comOur Blinged Handsets: The Perfect Cell Phone Accessory's Blinged Handsets make you stand out from the crowd. Chic, luxurious and they keep you free from harmful beta radiation.

Wondering what all the hype is about?  Here's the FAQ and low-down on's handsets:


Is it heavy? 

Not at all


Is the sound clear?

Like the Swarovski Crystals we use in our designs, the sounds is beautifully, crystal clear.


How does the handset work?

Just plug it into you cell phone, computer or iPad and talk! To pick up and end calls, just push the button on the inner part of the handset.


Is it safe?'s Blinged Handsets are radiation-free and much healthier than using the cell phone directly or with bluetooth.


Do you sell to boutiques? 

No, we sell only on


Where else can I buy one? 

Nowhere, just from


Do any other companies make it? 

No, we are the only company that blings out handsets with our copyrighted designs.


Are they exclusive to 

Yes, I am the designer.


Do you customize phones? 

Yes, we customize with names, phrases, etc.


What is the material of the phone?


Where do you put it?

You can keep your phone in your purse, or beltbuckle and hold the handset or put the handset in you purse, bag, pocket, etc. 


Will it be a problem holding it?

No, as a matter of fact, it is a HUGE conversation piece when holding it or placing it on a restaurant table or bar.


What designs are best for men? 

We carry a lot of different Sterling Silver and torquise designs.  Also, some men like the Swarovski Crystal Bling Handset


Is the handset healthy for kids? 

Yes, you will be protecting your children at an early age from the harmful effects of radiation that come from direct use of phones.


Do you think I can get "dates" by having a Bling Bling handset? 

The handset is a definite "Conversation Piece"  I get stopped everywhere I go.  When you personalize your phone with your name or a phrase, that also gets a lot of attention. 


Does it connect to all phones? 

Yes, it connects to the majority of phones. 


Can I customize my phone? 

Yes, however, depending on the materials used and the design, the price will change. See some options here!


Are they all the same size?



How many colors do you have? 

Currently we have 5: black, pink, purple, red and yellow.  It is possible to get green as well.

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