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Designers Abigail and Francesco Introduce Radiation- Free Phone Handsets to Their Luxury Home Décor Collection

​BEVERLY HILLS, CA, Designers Abigail and Francesco of Bling Bling Emporio, launched their unique line of lifestyle accessories at Saks Fifth Ave in Beverly Hills. The introduction of their Bling Handset was very well received as this unique device could very well save your life. These beautifully created handsets are handmade and adorned with Swarovski Crystals, fresh water pearls, sterling silver and other jewels. By plugging the handset into any mobile phone, iPad, or computer, you eliminate over 99% of radiation absorbed from cell phone usage. They are available in 7 vibrant colors (pink, purple, red, yellow, gold, silver and black) and may be customized and personalized with your name or favorite phrase. Easy to use, your calls may be...

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