About: Haute Décor Pillow Collection

Decorative pillows are often overlooked when creating an interior space. They offer significant focal points that add texture, color and detail which makes for a more sophisticated décor. We’ve created a collection of pillows made from the classic silk scarf (or carre) by the world’s top designers.

These scarves are sought after worldwide and are truly pieces of art deserving of display in the finest wardrobes, and now, homes.

Materials & Construction

Meticulously crafted, each pillow uses an authentic scarf from designers like Pucci, Dior, Hermès and Versace. The scarf is inspected, cleaned and carefully pressed. Once prepared, we select a complimentary silk backing made of 100% Italian silk. The backs are sewn together and a hidden zipper closure is created so that the filling can be easily removed when dry cleaning the cover.

Trillium filling

We use Trillium for the filling which is superior to goose down. It is denser, hypoallergenic and retains its form and density over time.

Vintage Scarves: Hermes

Our Vintage Hermes Carres Collection uses original Hermes scarves renewed and carefully sewn to our selection of Italian silk backings

Custom Pillows

We offer an exclusive collection of some of the most desirable Hermes scarves. These authentic Heremes scarves are large (90cm x 90cm) and are outstanding examples of Hermes’ artistic genius.

We work with you to select a silk backing, advising on color to match your interior design.